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Victoria - Economic Development

Victoria Business Community is Growing Rapidly

As of December 31, 2013, the City of Victoria permitted 119 new residential building permits in 2013. Of the 119 new residential units, 95 of the units were single-family and 24 of the units were multi-family townhomes. The Census results as of April 1, 2010 were 7,345 people and 2,435 households. This equated to an average household size of 2.99 persons.

The goal of the Community Development Department in Victoria is to guide Victoria's future direction through the implementation and enforcement of the Comprehensive Plan, zoning controls, and city ordinances.

The Comprehensive plan was created to guide future development of the city. The vision statement for the 2030 comprehensive plan is to have a connected, healthy community with a unique sense of place enhanced by Victoria’s geographical advantages:
  • Encourage trails, transportation, and development that achieve links within and beyond the community
  • Create destinations to promote a sense of unity while maintaining a small town feel, quality, and character
  • Establish and maintain high quality, inclusive neighborhoods, sustainable agribusiness, and a vibrant business community
  • Preserve and enhance our natural amenities, and
  • Execute thoughtful and fiscally responsible growth with timely implementation.