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Real Estate in St. Bonifacius (St. Boni), Minnesota

Located just 25 miles west of Minneapolis on Hwy. 7, St. Bonifacius is on the edge of the Twin Cities Metro area. Still in Hennepin County, St. Boni – as it is affectionately called – is a wonderful place to live. It is home to numerous parks and quiet neighborhoods. Only a few minutes north of Lake Waconia, and just west of Lake Minnetonka, St. Boni is nestled between a good mix of suburban neighborhoods, lakes and rural areas.

With a blending of old and a variety of new homes being built, moving to St. Bonifacius has been an easy choice for many. Those who do move here have found the area to have good access to surrounding communities, such as Lake Minnetonka, Waconia, and Victoria. St. Boni is a great place to look for a lot or a new-built home and is far enough west so that land tends to be more affordable. Horse ranches and hobby farms abound. A quaint little town surrounded by lakes and farmland make this a great place to raise a family.


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