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We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you with the upcoming sale of your home. We have prepared a seller profile form which is below for you to share important information necessary to assist us in preparing for the sale of your home. Please take 5 minutes and complete the seller profile now, it will save us a lot of time and effort once we begin working together.

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Section 2: Tell us about your home
You know your home better than anybody. What do you love about it? What condition is it in? What features attracted you to it…those may well be features that the new buyer will love as well. Any quirks we should know about? The more information you share with us, the better we can help you market your home to its fullest potential. Your input becomes invaluable as we establish a fair market value when recommending pricing for your home.
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Section 3: Tell us how we can make this process as convenient and trouble-free for you as possible?
We want to be absolutely sure we clearly understand your goals and objectives so that we can fulfill all your real estate needs. In a perfect world, what would YOUR ideal selling process look like?
It's time to get started!
We are very passionate about helping people just like you make the most out of selling their home. Our first meeting will be to share our background and experience and then to develop the best selling plan and marketing campaign to get your home sold. Please tell us what is convenient for you.
Thank You!
Thank you so much for investing your time to help us get to know you and your home better. The information you have provided will be invaluable to us in helping determine the proper pricing, marketing, and sales strategy for your home. We look forward to the opportunity to work together and our team will be in touch to get our appointment scheduled soon!

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