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Real Estate in Minnetrista, Minnesota

Minnetrista’s east border is situated on the western bays of Lake Minnetonka in Hennepin County, Minnesota. The City of Minnetrista is home to over 6,700 residents who look forward to experiencing the beautiful views of the rolling plains, agricultural cropland harvesting corn, soybeans, hay and many horse ranches. For the most part, Minnetrista provides a vividly rich, rural setting acting as a boundary between suburbs and the country, and it is facing great challenges maintaining these strict limitations on land development.

The standard property type in Minnetrista offers single family homeowners large acreage tracts down to 2.5 acre lots. There is no real central hub of retail, entertainment, and dining options but is spread out sparsely throughout its territory. There are 6 lakes in MInnetrista and they are Whaletail Lake, Little Long Lake, Mud Lake, Ox Yoke Lake, and Saunders Lake. Plus, several bays of Lake Minnetonka and Six Mile Creek that runs through the western territory of the city and brings the runoff from the 17,000 acres from Lake Minnetonka.
Great lake recreation, play areas, and horse stables are available with some apple orchards, corn, vegetable, fruit stands, and vineyards to enjoy and obtain quality eats and drink besides.

As of the census of 2013, there were 6,735 people, 2,176 households, and 1,866 families residing in the city. Our population density was 253.8 inhabitants per square mile. There were 2,348 housing units at an average density of 90.5 per square mile (34.9/km2). 46% of them have children and 76.7% of them include married couples.

Current Minnetrista Market Update Report